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I am a Researcher, Lecturer, and Dreamer.

I like traveling, medical imaging, electronics, embedded systems (Arduino,R-PI), PCR, drones, mobile phones, and to give my contribution to the society.

See PORTFOLIO if you want to know more.

Academic research

My main interest is medical imaging, in particular neuroimage. I am interested in prediction of deseases such as glioma and multiple sclerosis. See PORTFOLIO.

International health

Innovation is almost useless unless you bring it in practice. I am interested in bringing innovative technologies in practice everyday life especially in health, and especially if it covers the entire world. From drones, to PCR, to mobile phones or anything. See PORTFOLIO.


The one real object of education is to leave a man in the condition of continually asking questions. I tried to teach my students something useful, "pay it forward". I teach at AIMS-Ghana the course of Pattern Recognition (Machine learning).

If you want to improve your teaching skills check this.


Things I do, not sure I really succeed but it is a lot of fun :-)

Academic research

Medical imaging, neuroimaging, machine learning and so on...

DocmeUP (Ghana)

Prenatal care for communities and remote ultrasound imaging

Bacteria data storage

Data storage and transfer through E.Coli (inserting and sequencing plasmids).

Drone-ambulance (Italy)

We are currently investigating the use of drones to deliver promptly defribillators and medicines. Project temporarily frozen


Map visualization of suspected non-malaria fever cases and medicine stockouts

Lowcost PCR and pulse-oxymeter (Denmark)

Projects temporarily frozen

Talks for general audience

TEDx Muenster



I studied science, but probably I am more adapt to work on social changes.

  • 2008-2011

    PhD in Medical Imaging in Denmark

    I managed, despite difficulties and driving my supervisors crazy, to get a PhD in medical imaging at the University of Copenhagen. This has been the place where I learned to think critically. Thank you.

  • 2011-2014

    Post-Doctoral researcher in France and Switzerland

    I continued with research and I did one Post-doc in Rennes (France) and one in Zurich (Switzerland).

  • 2013-today

    I started teaching at AIMS-Ghana

    Although, students there work really hard. For me it started more as a vacation, then I fell in love with Ghana, the weather, the food, the beaches, and the learning environment. I was and I am teaching a course on Machine-learning.

  • 2014-today

    MBA in International health

    We made for fun a cooperation project between Ghana and Switzerland called DocmeUP, this made clear to me that I want to do this, so I started an MBA in international health.

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